We would like to take this opportunity to say a big thank you for looking after Arjun. Thank you for your time and patience.

Thank you for greeting Arjun with a smile every morning despite his tears. Arjun has enjoyed his time at Fountain Nursery. He has grown incredibly fond of all the staff.

Thank you to everyone for helping Arjun grow, you have given him a wonderful start. Finally, thank you for being the wonderful Early Years Practitioners that you all are. You will always be remembered in the minds and hearts of the children whose lives you have touched.

-Love Sonal, Miran and Arjun

To all at Fountain Montessori: Thank you for taking care of me! Every day was filled with love and laughter. I always felt so safe and well looked after, I  made friends and memories too. Fountain Montessori I will miss you.

-Love Ruhi

I would like to thank all the teachers and staff who have helped look after Ruhi, nurture her and care for her and all the lovely opportunities she has had.


I wanted Daniela to start nursery because English is not my mother tongue. I was happily surprised that she never had any communication problem and her vocabulary in English is as good as in Spanish (mother tongue). She loves going to the nursery, she is learning a lot (not only English), and she shows what she does there: stretch and grow, the nursery rhymes, etc. She is more confident and independent. We love Fountain Montessori. Thank you for being so good in this time that could be difficult (for Daniela and for me), you made it easy.

-Daniela’s Mum

Please pass on to all the Poppies staff, Miss Mandy and Miss Dora that I would like to congratulate them for all the hard work in preparing our kids for the really special event. It was really touching and I can feel how much our kids are loved and nurtured. The Yearbook was amazing. A really nice touch!

-Krish’s Mum

I would like to thank all the staff at Fountain Montessori for such a wonderful work you do in looking after and teaching our children. As teachers, Gustavo and I know how important are the early years, and how crucial are the first teachers in the children lives. I thank God every day for all blessings we receive every day from such a loving and caring environment. Teaching is vocational. Not everyone can be a teacher, and it is a career that is not money orientated. One doesn’t chose to be a teacher to become rich!!! But the rewardings are far greater than most other jobs. So many many thanks!!!

-Leon and Pedro’s Parents

Many thanks for Ayden’s recent report, we are really pleased with his progress in the nursery and are so happy that he has settled in well and seems to be really enjoying it.

-Ayden’s Mum

Thank you so much for all that you have done to make Josiah’s time at nursery such an educational, fun and enjoyable one. He has had so much fun learning new things and it is  great to see all of his excitement each morning he’s getting ready to come. Your advice and guidance to me over the years have not been forgotten and appreciated. (…) Thank you for being so caring.

-Josiah’s Mom

Dear All,

Thank you so much for looking after Alfie and helping him to learn so much. He’s had a wonderful start in life thanks to you. We will both miss you all very much.

—Alfie and Kate

To all staff at Fountain Montessori,
Thanks so much for taking care of Rohan – really appreciated.

Best wishes Mr & Mrs Tanna

Thank you in a really big way for looking after me while at Fountain Montessori and for the good values you have taught me at my tender age. Thanks and God Bless.

With lots of love,

To all at Fountain Montessori,

A special thank you for all the fun times, learning and help you have given.

From Viraj, Mummy and Dad

To all the staff at Fountain Montessori,

Thank you so much for being so great with Eli this year. You have created a lovely environment where he enjoys to come and play. You have been fantastic!

Love Michelle, Barry and Eli Kaizer

To all my teachers,

Thank you for giving me such a wonderful time at Fountain Montessori. I will miss you all very much.

Love Tofunwa Darriel

To all staff at Fountain Montessori,

We would like to thank you personally for looking after Tiarna. Tiarna has very much enjoyed her time at Fountain Montessori and all the staff have worked effortlessly with her. We are truly grateful for all you have done. Ella is looking forward to start in January.

Thank you Mr & Mrs Whitely