Colindale Nursery

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Fountain Montessori Pre-School Colindale opened in November 2016.  Our Colindale branch is situated on Capitol Way, just opposite the Asda Supermarket Carpark. The nursery is in a purpose-built location with a large modern room with state of the art security measures in place to create an interesting and safe environment for your child.

We have two learning groups for your child. Each learning group is designed to create an enabling environment for the children. This environment gives each child the freedom to explore and move around according to their inner needs or instincts. This results in helping to develop a child who is not only intellectually curious but also coordinated in movement and self-disciplined. These are key attributes of the Montessori learning approach.

The two different groups at Fountain Montessori Colindale are:

The Caterpillars: This is for children between the ages of 12months to 24months

The Butterflies: This group is for children aged between 2 and 4 years.

Our learning programs focuses on stimulating the children’s love for learning and building on a variety of skills to allow them to move onto their next developmental phase with ease. The Children have access to materials they find interesting and in an environment suited for small children specifically.

Our Colindale staff work hard to create an atmosphere that is warm, safe and welcoming for children. Through building a relationship with a child based on individual attention and assurance, the child can come into their own, picking their own interests and activities.

The children have full access to our large outdoor gardens and sheltered play areas. Our outdoor areas have been designed to be used all year round. The outdoors encourages the free flow of learning and children’s exploration. We are fortunate to have access to the common play areas, conveniently located opposite the Nursery, providing us with plentiful opportunities for outdoor fun.

At the Fountain Montessori Colindale, we are fortunate to have an astonishing, enthusiastic and adoring team of staff. Fresh healthy and nutritious meals are prepared daily on site to give the children the focus and energy they need for a busy day of play and learning.

Our Nursery in Colindale features a full security system using the latest CCTV and a secure entry/exit system which is monitored in case of other emergencies. For your convenience, there is a separate buggy and car seat storage area.

Come and see all that we have to offer, meet our team and answer any questions that you may have by simply completing our online form and a member of our team will be in touch with you soon. Alternatively, should you have any questions; don’t hesitate to contact us or come to visit us.