Edgware Nursery

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Our Edgware nursery is located on Rectory Lane in St Margaret’s Parish and is an open-spaced, modern and gated property. It is located not far from Edgware stations with many main transport links making it easily accessible.

There are 4 learning groups and 3 different rooms each focusing on different learning programmes for each group of children. Our youngest group is our Tulips aged 12-24 months then our Daises who are 24-30 months. They make up our Toddler level and we focus on aiding their transition through the developmental stages and build on their confidence and sense of independence through a variety of practical life, sensory and physical skills.

Our Pre-School learners are made up of our Roses aged 2 and a half to 3 years and our Poppies ages 3 and a half to 4 years. We work to develop a child who is well rounded with a wide variety of interests and is also fully confident in themselves and their abilities.

Older children work together with younger children by passing on what they learn, through this they reinforce their knowledge whilst setting an example to the younger children and providing a source of motivation. Our outdoor garden and play areas encourage the children to explore their surroundings and discover the world around them.

Our on-site chef prepares fresh and healthy vegetarian meals for the children and meal times are a sociable. The children help to lay out the table and sit with a mix of ages and staff, providing and opportunity for them to develop their social skills and relax.

Our outdoor garden and play areas encourage the children to explore their surroundings, develop self-confidence by challenging themselves, mix with other age groups and discover the world around them.