Fountain Montessori pre-school is a family run setting that is based on a child development program that incorporates the Montessori Philosophy whole heartedly to provide nurturing care and learning for babies and young children.

We are passionate about working with parents to do what we love – caring for their children and having fun.

Fountain Montessori can offer you…

Unique benefits
• Friendly family environment
• Supportive management team
• Tailor made training package including Montessori training
• Flexible working
• 28 days holiday (incl. bank holidays)
• Pension scheme
• Annual salary review
• 50% off childcare for your child
• 10% off childcare for your family
• Annual rewards and perks
• Close proximity to underground station, shops and bus depo

Available Careers – Why not apply now?

Montessori Teacher wanted Edgware (download job description)

Nursery nurse wanted Edgware (download job description)

Pre-school room wanted Colindale and Edgware (assistant and room leaders)

We are always looking for fun, motivated individuals who can operate a tablet, post on social media and build self-esteem in 2-4 year olds. Think you’ve got what it takes? All team players knowledgeable in the EYFS and safeguarding principles who love laughing and want to earn competitive wages, please email us at  for a Montessori preschool room job description and application form. All roles are subject to highest safe guarding and DBS checks in line with OFSTED requirements.

Toddler/Baby room wanted Colindale and Edgware (assistant and room leaders)

We are seeking a patient, loving individual who enjoys rocking our cutest learners and planning both stimulating and soothing activities. Changing diapers is in your job description, but our best candidates will understand what an amazing social time it can be! If you’re interested in loving our babies and toddlers and updating our parents via our online learning journal EYlog throughout the day please email  for a Montessori Toddler room job description and application form. All roles are subject to highest safe guarding and DBS checks in line with OFSTED requirements.

Staff testimonials

“I enjoy working at fountain because I had an opportunity to admire children’s individuality, curiosity, creativity, soul, passion and energy. People at Fountain Montessori inspired me and helped me to grow personally and professionally.

The atmosphere at work is vivid, productive and creative. Our team is cooperative, friendly and enthusiastic. The management is supportive, and inspirational.”

Janka Kmec-Koscova,Early year professional Management

“I enjoy working at Fountain Montessori because I find that the way in which the children learn is more focused, we have a wide range of activities, materials and games/toys, including life learning activities in Practical life area. We are also big about play and the outdoors, we offer a lot of free choice activities outside in the garden and physical equipment such as the big climbing slide. I also found that the children have their moments but are really mature and clever, it took me a while get over that fact.
The atmosphere at work is filled with such love and care towards the children, each child is greeted by their carers every day. I find that the children trust and love their carers.

We are really big on team work, I love my team in Tulips, they are always there to support me, give me advice when needed and are great role models for me. Also each room leader from all the classes have regular meetings to keep the other classes in the loop about what’s going on in their room, if the need support from other staff or advice.

The management team are also a big support, every day I feel welcomed. They were also really concerned when I was ill. We have Appraisals every 3 months and they make me feel confident in telling them any concerns I may have.

I am really happy at Fountain and will be here in years to come.

Delainie Louth,Nursery level 3 practitioner

Ofsted 2015 Report

Staff demonstrate a secure knowledge of how children learn and develop. They provide a good range of activities and adapt the learning environment based on children’s interests and varying levels of development. Therefore, children are motivated and eager to learn and explore.

Staff carefully monitor children’s progress and take prompt actions to address any gaps in learning. As a result, all children, including those who are learning English as an additional language, make good progress from their starting points.

Staff make good use of settling-in arrangements, such as visiting children in their homes prior to starting the pre-school. Therefore, children settle quickly and parents have opportunities to exchange information about their children.

The management team has developed an effective self-evaluation system. They seek the views of staff, parents and children, and demonstrate a clear vision for further developments in order to achieve excellence.

Ofsted Report 2015

More staff reviews

“The atmosphere in our work is healthy and positive to promote meaningful growth for the children. The manager and the teachers welcome the children in the morning with love in a happy environment so that the children feel welcomed in the nursery. Additionally parents are very happy to come and get involved in with different activities.

The staff work as a team and support each other. The management are very supportive and role model for the staff.

Seble Feleke,Deputy Manager

“I enjoy working at fountain because it has a good working environment, friendly staff and love and patience with each other.

The atmosphere at work is busy but enjoyable. Our team works well together. The management listens to and values our opinions.”

Chitra (Diploma level 3),Toddler room leader